Turn on accessibility settings

You can turn accessibility features on or off using the settings menu. These include screen magnification, spoken feedback, and live captions. Live captions show the text of the conversation on the screen during video meetings. For more information, read Use captions in a Meet hardware video meeting.

Hangouts Meet hardware

To select a specific item, such as a button, tap the item. Double-tap to activate it.

  1. On the touchscreen, tap Settings Settings.
  2. Tap On On or Off Off to turn a feature on or off.

Chromebox for meetings

On the remote control, hold down the arrow keys to pan around the screen.

  1. Using the remote control arrows, select Settings Settings.
  2. Select Accessibility Accessibility.
  3. Press Up Up arrow and Down Down Arrow arrows to highlight a feature.
  4. Choose an option to turn the feature on or off:​
    • Press select
    • Using the remote control keypad, press Enter or the space bar
      The feature is on when checked.

​To return to the Home screen, select Menu Menu twice. To go back to the main Settings page, select it once.

Chromebase for meetings

  1. On the bottom right of the screen, tap or click More More and then Settings.
  2. Select Accessibility Accessibility.
  3. Tap or click On On or Off Off to turn a feature on or off.

Use the settings menu with a keyboard

You can use a keyboard to turn the settings menu on for Hangouts meet hardware, Chromebox for meetings, and Chromebase for meetings.

  1. Use the arrow keys or tab to navigate to Settings Settings.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Use the Down arrow Down Arrow to highlight Accessibility Accessibility.
  4. Press Enter and then.
  5. Choose an option:
    • To highlight Screen magnifier, press Down arrow Down Arrow once.
    • To highlight Spoken feedback, press Down arrow Down Arrow twice.
  6. Press Enter or the space bar to turn the feature On On or Off Off.
    Note: If you're turning on spoken feedback, you'll hear a prompt when it's on. 

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