Use a keyboard for accessibility

You can use a keyboard with Google Meet hardware, Chromebox, and Chromebase.

Note: Only use one input source at a time. If you use a physical keyboard and then touch the screen, you might need to restart spoken feedback.

Navigate using the keyboard

You can use a keyboard to:

  • Use the arrow keys to move around the screen.
  • Use Tab to move forward. Press Shift + Tab to move backward.
  • In a meeting:
    • Press any arrow to expand the side panel. Press Esc to collapse.

Turn accessibility features on or off

To immediately turn spoken feedback on or off with the attached keyboard, press Ctrl Alt Z. Or, you can follow the steps to turn spoken feedback or screen magnification on through the settings menu

Tab to turn captions on or off

Live captions shows the text of the conversation on the screen during video meetings. Use the tab button to navigate through the steps to Use captions in a Meet hardware video meeting.

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