Use the Google Meet touchscreen for accessibility

You can use the touchscreen controller with Google Meet hardware.

Use spoken feedback

Spoken feedback speaks the text on the current screen. A rising tone indicates that the screen reader is on, and a falling tone indicates that it’s off. It can also be turned on or off in settings on the touchscreen. For details, read Use the Meet touchscreen.

To turn spoken feedback on or off:

  1. Using 2 fingers, touch and hold any area of the screen until you hear "ChromeVox spoken feedback is ready.”
  2. To turn off spoken feedback, using 2 fingers, touch and hold any area of the screen.

When spoken feedback is turned on, the volume can be adjusted by touching and dragging the right side of the screen up or down. 

Note: Only use one input source at a time. If you use a touchscreen, then the physical keyboard, you might need to restart spoken feedback.

Use Hey Google voice control

You can use your voice to join and leave video meetings, dial a phone number, and more with Hey Google voice control on the Google Meet hardware kits.

Note: Hey Google voice control is always on by default in rooms where it is enabled by your administrator.

  • If you want to turn off the Hey Google voice control for the rest of the video meeting, choose an option:
    • On the touchscreen, next to Hey Google voice control, tap Turn Off "" .
    • Say Hey Google, turn off voice control.
  • To turn on spoken feedback, say Hey Google, turn on spoken feedback

Turn captions on or off

You can use the touchscreen to turn live captions on or off. They show the text of the conversation on the TV monitor during video meetings. For details, read Use captions in a Meet hardware video meeting.

Note: If you record a video meeting, live captions are not recorded and don't appear when you play the recording.

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