Use Hey Google voice control in video meetings

Currently available in English only

You can use your voice to join and leave video meetings, dial a phone number, and more with Hey Google voice control. For example, you can say “Hey Google, join the meeting” to connect to a video meeting in seconds. For more information, see Is Hey Google voice control recording all of my meeting conversations?

Supported devices

Hey Google voice control needs a combination of the following hardware: 

  • Chromebox - CN62, CN65, CBx1, or Meet Compute System
  • Microphone - Google Meet hardware speakermic, Logitech MeetUp, or Logitech Rally Mic Pod

Control meetings with your voice

If you see a prompt on the bottom left of the meeting display, you can use voice commands during a video meeting.

  1. Say Hey Google and then one of the following commands:
    • To join a meeting, say Join the meeting.
    • To call a phone number, say Call followed by the phone number.
    • To leave a meeting, say Exit meeting.
    • To hear spoken feedback during a meeting, say Turn on spoken feedback.
    • For ideas about what Hey Google voice control can help with, say What can you do?
  2. If you want to turn off Hey Google voice control for the rest of the video meeting, choose an option:
    • On the touchscreen, next to Hey Google voice control, tap Turn Off "".
    • Say Hey Google, turn off voice control.

EDU/Nonprofit Organizations

As this feature is an additional service when used with G Suite accounts, EDU/Nonprofit organizations are required by the G Suite for Education agreement to obtain parent or guardian consent for students under the age of 18 before they can use it. No parental consent is required for students who are over 18. More information, including resources to share with parents and the template consent form, is available here.

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