Manage your organization's domain

To use Google Meet hardware, you must verify your organization's domain with Google. This is a one-time process that allows your Google Meet hardware to communicate with other devices and users in your organization.

Verify your organization's domain

Platform Description
Organizations that use Google Workspace

Your domain was verified during the setup process. No additional action is required unless you need to associate secondary domains with the same Google Workspace account (see below).

Organizations that do not use Google Workspace

Complete the instructions in the welcome email after purchasing your first Google Meet hardware device.  

If you don’t already use Google Workspace, you can sign up for a free trial after your order is complete and your domain name is verified. You'll receive a 30-day free Google Workspace trial instead of the standard 14 days.


Do not skip this step! You must verify your organization’s domain name to enroll and manage your devices. Your domain is the unique name that appears after the @ sign in your company email address and after www. in your web site address. You must verify that you own this domain to ensure that unauthorized users cannot access your Google Meet hardware or services.

Associate additional domains

You can also associate secondary domains with the same Google Workspace account to provide access to Google Meet hardware for users of those additional domains. See the following for more information.

Support for multiple domains

Google Meet hardware is designed to operate within the primary and secondary network domains registered to a single Google Workspace account. If your organization uses different Google Workspace accounts for separate network domains, special considerations apply, as summarized in the following table.

Google Workspace Domain Type Description Ordering Considerations Supported Features

Primary domain

A single network domain managed by a single Google Workspace account. When ordering, submit your primary domain to ensure that the Google Meet hardware licenses are applied to that account.

All users on the primary domain (and associated Google Workspace account) have access to join Meet video meetings.

Secondary domain(s)

Additional sub‑domains or separate domains that are managed by the same Google Workspace account.

You do not need to submit your organization's secondary domains when ordering. The Google Meet hardware licenses are applied to your primary account, and secondary domain users receive the same functionality as the primary domain users. 

See Add or change domains and Managing domains for more information.

Secondary domain users have the same feature access as primary domain users.

Multiple domains

Separate domains managed by separate Google Workspace accounts.

If your organization has multiple separate domains, you must submit the domain names with the number of licenses to be used by each domain when ordering Google Meet hardware.

  • Users of multiple domains do not have access to Meet video meetings unless licenses are purchased specifically for their domain.  
  • Users from different accounts must be invited to the meeting. 
  • If a user on each Google Workspace account adds their room to the calendar meeting, then two devices under separate Google Workspace accounts can join a meeting.
  • Resources (rooms) created in one Google Workspace account cannot be accessed by users in a different account (for example, you cannot schedule meetings in a room managed by a different Google Workspace account).
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