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Compare Meet hardware on ChromeOS & Android

Google Meet hardware devices can come with ChromeOS or Android. With ChromeOS devices, you get the complete feature set and administration options. With Android devices, you get most device features and administration options. For Meet hardware settings in the Admin console that don’t apply to Android, you can often manage them through a third-party tool. However, you lose the convenience of a single management point.

Review the following sections to learn which features and management settings are supported.

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Which Meet hardware devices are Android?

The following devices are considered Android:

All other Google Meet hardware is considered ChromeOS.

Compare ChromeOS and Android features


Chrome OS


General In-call


Start or join a basic meeting

  • Join / Start / Exit meeting
  • Camera - on / off
  • Audio - mute / unmute 
  • Volume up / down
Hand raise
Change layout
Add people
View Chat Messages
Companion Check-in
Frame participants
Pin participants
Max Video Tiles 49 16
Hey Google Voice Control  
Digital Signage  


Camera control - Pan Tilt Zoom
Camera control - Home
Camera control - Set home  
Camera control - Frame people (Center Me)  
Camera switch  


Accessibility - Captions
Accessibility - Spoken feedback  

Settings pane

Noise Cancellation (Cloud)  
Settings - Audio  
Settings - Video  
Settings - General
Settings - Display  
General - Restart device


PSTN Calling
File feedback

On-device experience

Present using an HDMI cable  
Control using a Bluetooth remote control  
Dual screen support

Video output (Device dependent - check with manufacturer)  2x4k60 Max 2x1080p Max
Interoperability - Zoom, Cisco Webex

Poly only

Peripheral Support (Remote, External Microphone, etc.)  
Integrate third-party control systems  
Display power saving   



Admin settings not supported on Android devices

These Admin console settings aren’t supported on Android devices:

  • Built-in interoperability
  • Device state reporting
  • Display power saving
  • Error reporting
  • Hey Google voice control
  • Peripheral alerts
  • Release channel
  • Screen saver
  • Timed reboot
  • Time zone

To learn more about these settings, go to the Meet hardware settings reference.

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