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The Google Workspace Marketplace offers many apps that help you automate tasks and use Google apps like Gmail, Google Docs and Sheets, and Google Calendar more efficiently. This page explains how to get to the Marketplace, find the apps you want, and install them.

Note: If you’re a Google Workspace administrator, you can install apps for your organization.

  1. Open the Marketplace in one of several ways:
    • Go to
    • In Docs, Sheets, or Slides, click Extensions and then Add-ons and then Get add-ons. This method opens a prefiltered list of apps that work with the app you’re in.
    • In the sidebar in Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Google Calendar, click Get Add-ons .
    • In Google Meet, click Activities  and then Get add-ons.
  2. Use the categories, search, and filters to find the app you want. For details, see the following sections.
  3. Click the app and review the app listing. For details about the app listing and how to evaluate an app, go to Evaluate Google Workspace Marketplace apps. Some apps might not be available to you. Learn more about the banners you see in Marketplace app installation messages.
  4. Click Install.
  5. Use the app. The way you open an app depends on the type of app:
    • In Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, or Slides: Click Extensions and then Add-ons and then the Google Workspace Marketplace app.
    • In Google Chat: Go to the conversation where you want to use the app and add it. Learn how in Use apps in Google Chat.
    • In Google Drive: Open the app directly.
      1. If an app creates a special type of file—like a flowchart file—create that file type by clicking New > More in Drive and selecting the Google Workspace Marketplace app.
      2. If an app uses a file in Drive, right-click a file, click Open with, then click the Google Workspace Marketplace app associated with the file.
    • In a Google Workspace app: At the top-right, click Google apps  and scroll down to see the available apps.

Featured app categories

Google reviews the public apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace and adds some to featured categories:

  • Recommended for Google Workspace—These apps are recognized by Google as more secure, reliable, and well-integrated with Google Workspace services. All have the security badge.
  • Intelligent Apps—These AI-powered productivity apps allow you to work faster by automating Google Workspace workflows.
  • Work from everywhere—These apps help you be more productive. This category includes communication and collaboration apps, engagement apps for remote teams, and time management and digital well-being apps.
  • Business essentials—These apps help increase workflow productivity. This category includes apps for customer relationship management (CRM), billing solutions, product management, communication, and marketing.
  • Apps to discover—These apps are new and innovative.

These categories are listed under Editors Choice in the left navigation menu.

Security Badge

The Marketplace displays a security badge for apps that have passed an independent security review. The badge is displayed from search results in the Marketplace and on the app listing page.

Developers: To learn how to get your app added to the featured categories or earn the security badge, go to Get your app featured in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Other app categories

You can look at apps by clicking on categories in the left navigation menu:

  • Approved for you—These are apps your administrator allows you to install. You see this category only if you’re signed in to your work or school Google Account, and your administrator limits which apps you can install with an allowlist.
  • Internal apps—If you use Google Workspace for work or school, your organization may develop and publish apps that only people in that organization can install and use.
  • Admin managed—These apps can be installed only by admins for users in their own organizations. These apps are not listed in the Marketplace home or category pages and can be found only in the search results by admins who are signed in. Apps in this category are suitable for an Enterprise organization, and they exclude apps listed by their developers in the Education category. 
  • Built by Google—These apps are developed and maintained by Google.
  • Most popular—Ranking is based on the number of users that have the app installed. Apps with the most users are in the Most popular category. You can also see the number of users that have the app installed in the app's listing details. This count includes both those users who have installed it themselves and those whose administrators installed it for them.
  • Top rated—The number of ratings and the average rating are used to order apps in the Top rated category. Google doesn’t verify user reviews and ratings. However, if a review violates our policies, it will be removed. Users can also report abusive reviews.
  • Categories—The purpose of the app, such as Communication or Business tools and then Accounting & finance. The app category is set by the app developer.

Search for apps

Marketplace search results are based on the following:

Popularity and user experience have similar importance.

Filter apps

The Marketplace provides you some simple filters to help you find what you want.

  • Works with—Limit the apps to the ones that work in the specific Google Workspace apps you select. For example, you can go to the Intelligent apps category, and then show only apps that work with Sheets.
  • Price—You can filter the Marketplace by the app’s price: Free of charge (includes apps that have paid features or a free trial) or Paid, as set by the developer in the app listing. Paid apps may have a no-charge trial or include features that have no charge.

    App developers take any payments directly from users. Google doesn’t handle payments or verify the accuracy of pricing information in the Marketplace.

  • Internal apps—If you use Google Workspace for work or school, your organization may develop and publish apps that only people in that organization can install and use.

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