Evaluate a Google Workspace Marketplace app's security

Because Google Workspace Marketplace apps are developed and offered by third-party developers, install an app only if you trust the app’s developer and vendor. You’re solely responsible for any compromise or loss of data that may result from using a Google Workspace Marketplace app. For more information, go to the Google Workspace Marketplace Terms of Service.

Google Workspace Marketplace app developers must adhere to the Google Workspace Marketplace's listing requirements, program policies, and Developer Agreement, which requires developers to clearly present the terms under which they offer their services.

How to evaluate a vendor or app

To determine if an app is trustworthy, before you install an app, you can:

  • Read customer reviews and ratings.
  • Read the vendor’s Terms of Service, privacy policy, and deletion policy.
  • If you have any questions, contact the vendor directly.

After apps are installed

If you already have Google Workspace Marketplace apps installed for your domain, you can always do the following:

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