Get started with the updated Google Maps app

The Google Maps app has been updated to help you access features faster.

We've removed the Menu Menu. You can now access features that were under Menu Menu through the bottom tabs on the Home screen and Account Circle Account Circle on the upper right hand corner.

When you open the Google Maps app, you'll find 5 tabs at the bottom of the Home Screen:

  • Explore Explore: Choose where to go.
  • Commute Commute: What to expect along your daily commute.
  • Saved Save placeCreate lists and recall places.
  • Contribute ContributeShare experiences, add info and reviews, and fix problems.
  • Updates UpdatesGet notifications for relevant information.

Important: In select cities, you'll find Go Go instead of Commute Commute in your Google Maps app.

Features like Location Sharing, Timeline and offline maps are available in the Account Circle Account Circle in the top right.

How to access Google Maps features


You can find detailed reviews and descriptions of the most popular establishments and hotspots in the area. Search for popular locations, local events, trendy restaurants, or things to do in Google Maps.

For more info on how to use the Explore tab, “Search for nearby places and explore the area.”


Before you go somewhere, plan your trip and find useful info for your commute. You’ll get info on when to leave, traffic reports, routes to take, and accidents along the way.

For more info on how to use the Commute tab, “Plan your commute or trip.”


You can use the Saved tab to find personalized content like:

  • Recently saved places
  • Your lists
  • Timeline
  • My maps
  • Reservations

Learn more about how to use the Saved tab.


You can now access features in Contribute Contribute that were in Menu Menu and then Your Profile and “Your Contributions.”

At the bottom, tap Contribute Contribute to add places, write reviews, upload photos, or suggest an edit. You can also submit corrections to roads and places, manage your Maps profile, and find your contribution views and impact.

Learn more about how to contribute to Google Maps.


In Updates Updates, you can:

Account Circle

We have moved some new features into Account Circle Account Circle that were previously in different parts of the interface.

Features that have not changed

Features that have moved into the Account Circle

  • Your Business Profile
  • TimelineView and manage your Location History info. 
  • Location Sharing: Choose who can see your location and whose location you can see on Google Maps.
  • Offline mapsFind and manage your offline maps.
  • Settings: Manage your Wi-Fi, distance units, notifications, and commute settings on Google Maps.
  • Help & feedbackAccess Help and submit feedback, like requesting corrections to roads and places from the same screen.

Manage your privacy settings

Tap Account Circle ​​Account Circle to access and manage these privacy settings:

  • TimelineView and manage your Location History info. 
  • Location Sharing: Choose who can see your location and whose location you can see on Google Maps.
  • Your data in Maps: Manage your privacy controls. You can find and delete your Location history and download your Maps data.
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