Search for nearby places and explore the area

You can search for areas of interest, local events, trendy restaurants, things to do, or notable locations in Google Maps. Find places like nearby museums, new restaurants, and popular bars and clubs. You'll also see ratings and descriptions.


  • Google Maps contains content from different sources. Your Maps results may include information from our partners, our users, or the public web. Google may remove content if we learn that it violates our content policies or if it violates applicable laws.
  • Local search results in Maps are based primarily on relevance, distance, prominence, as well as your personal interests. These factors are combined to help find the best match for your search. For example, Google algorithms might decide that a business that's farther away from you is more likely to have what you're looking for than a business that's closer. Therefore, it will rank higher in local results.
  • Results in Google Maps are not influenced by payment from other companies. Paid content in Google Maps is labeled.

Find places in a specific area

To find places near an area you’ve searched for, follow the steps below.

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. Search for a place.
  3. Press Enter or click Search Search.
  4. Click Nearby Search nearby.
  5. Type the kind of places you want to search, like hotels or airports.
  6. Press Enter or click Search Search. You'll see search results as red mini-pins and red dots, where mini-pins show the top results. The purple ones are ads. Learn more about what the mini-pins mean.
  7. To go back to your original search result, click the X Cancel Search nearby.

You can also use the term "near." For example, coffee near central park will return places to get coffee that are close to the park.

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