Find places you'll like

As you use Google Maps more often, you’ll see matches for various places. These matches show how well a place matches your preferences.

How to get matches

To see your matches, you need to:

Note: If you don't see your matches or they're not very accurate, you may need to rate places and set your preferences (see below).

How matches are created

Your matches show how well different places fit with your preferences. They’re unique to you and improve over time. Matches are based on:

  • Any dietary restrictions or cuisines that you list in your preferences
  • The types of cuisine and restaurants you typically visit or avoid
  • Whether you’ve saved, rated, or visited a place or somewhere similar
  • Your interactions with places on Google Maps or Google Search
How ratings affect your matches

When you rate and review places in Google Maps, you give us a better idea of the places you like. The more you rate places, the more accurate your matches will be.

Improve your matches

Your matches are based on your Google Location History and Web & App Activity, which includes your Google searches. To make your matches more accurate, follow these steps:

Turn on Location History

Learn how to manage your Location History.

Update your preferences

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Google Maps app Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture or initial Account Circle  and then Settings Settings.
  3. Under "Exploring places," tap Manage your preferences.
  4. Choose your dietary preferences. For example, you can choose vegetarian, gluten-free, or alcohol-free.
  5. Choose your cuisine or interests.
  6. To list more items, under "Interested" or "Less interested," tap Add Plus and then Choose an option and then Add preferences.

Rate more places

Learn how to review places you’ve visited in Google Maps.

Add places as favorites

The more places you save as favorites, the more accurate your matches will be.

Learn how to save places you like in Google Maps.

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