Use voice search and commands on Android

On your Android device, you can use your voice to find information or say commands so you can focus on the road.

To use voice search and commands you must:

  • Use an Android device.
  • Sign in to the same account on the Google Maps app and the Google app.

Note: This feature isn't available in all languages.

Use voice search and navigation commands

  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps.

  2. Say “Ok Google” or tap Speak Speak.
  3. Ask a question or tell Maps to do something.

Voice searches

Here are some examples of voice searches you can say:

  • "How do I get to [name of place]?"
  • "Show me a map of [name of place]."

Navigation commands

When you're in navigation mode, here are some commands that you can say:

Directions and travel

  • "Mute." or "Mute voice guidance."
  • "Unmute." or "Unmute voice guidance."
  • "Show traffic." or "Hide traffic."
  • "Show satellite." or "Hide satellite."
  • "Navigate home." or "Navigate to Starbucks."
  • "Show route overview." or "Show alternate routes."
  • "What road is this?"
  • "What’s my next turn?"
  • "What's my ETA?"
  • "How's traffic ahead?" or "How's traffic to home?"
  • "Avoid tolls." or "Enable tolls."
  • "Avoid highways." or "Enable highways."
  • "Avoid ferries." or "Enable ferries."
  • "Exit navigation."

More commands you can say

  • "Call Mom."
  • "Find gas stations." or "Find restaurants."
  • "Send a text to Larry." or "Send an SMS to Sergey, I'm feeling lucky."
  • "What's the weather like?" or "How's the weather in Seattle?"
  • "Play some jazz." or "Play happy birthday on Google Play Music."
  • "What's the closest hotel?"
  • "When's my next meeting?"
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