About the "From the Manufacturer" section

The “From the Manufacturer” section gives manufacturers the ability to surface rich product content on the Google Shopping property.

This article explains how the feature works and how to show your content on Google surfaces.

How it works


  • Manufacturers have the ability to send Google information about your products, so Google is able to display authoritative information from the manufacturer. 
  • Richer PDPs create more effective listings across Google Surfaces.


The “From the Manufacturer” section is available to all manufacturers and brands with approved rich content that have a registered Manufacturer Center account or are working with partners like Syndigo. The “From the Manufacturer” section is available in all supported Manufacturer Center countries. 

How to get started

Manufacturers and brands have two ways to show content on the “From the Manufacturer” section. 

  • For manufacturers and brands registered with a Manufacturer Center account, approved rich content provided via the rich_product_content or use the feature_description attribute will automatically appear in the “From the Manufacturer” section in a simple layout.
  • For manufacturers and brands that work with Syndigo, one of the main rich content providers in the market, reach out to your Syndigo account representative to give permission to send rich content to Google. 

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