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Review the status of your feed

After your products are uploaded to your Manufacturer Center account, your product data is compared against data quality standards. Then each product is assigned a status of Active, Pending or Disapproved. If some of your products are not approved, you'll need to respond to product status issues. This article provides tips to troubleshoot common issues.

Reasons for disapproval

Items may be marked as Disapproved for these reasons:

  • Incomplete information (for example, key elements are omitted)
  • Spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors
  • Inclusion of special symbols or HTML formatting errors
  • Quality errors (for example, information in your feed is not as current or complete as information on Google)

How to troubleshoot

To review attributes that require attention, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Diagnostics in the left-hand navigation in your Manufacturer Center account, then click View list.
  2. Select a product to edit and click Edit product.
  3. Edit the attribute and click Save. The edited attribute will go through re-review.

Learn more about how to troubleshoot product data by attribute

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