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Note:  This article applies only to reporting for Hotel campaigns in the Hotel Center. If you’ve migrated your Hotel campaigns to Google Ads, read about reporting for Hotel campaigns in Google Ads.

With the Audience report, you can see performance metrics for your bid multipliers on audience lists.

To access the report:

  1. Open Hotel Ads Center in a browser.
  2. Click the Dashboard tab.
  3. Select View By >; Campaign, then click on the name of the campaign you'd like to see reporting metrics for.
  4. Click on the Intelligence tab.
  5. Find the column for "Audience Report," and click Download.

You can also access the report from the Reports API v2.1.

The following table describes the columns in the Audience report:

Column name Description


The ID of the audience list you bid on.




The customer's device type. Possible values are:
  • "Mobile"
  • "Tablet"
  • "Desktop"


Indicates whether the user selected the default date or specified a date when searching.

Possible values are:

  • "default": The user clicked on a hotel ad where the default dates were used.
  • "selected": The user clicked on a hotel ad with the dates set.


Indicate a rate's relative competitiveness in an auction (as compared to other partners' rates for the same hotel stay). For more information on the price bucket, see the Performance report.


Where your ad appeared on the page on average, relative to all other ads in all slots.




The number of impressions your bid for the audience list achieved.




The number of eligible impressions for your audience list bid.




The number of clicks your Hotel Ad received.




The total cost of clicks, in USD.




The number of conversions your Hotel Ad received.




The base price that was booked, before any taxes and fees.




The total price that was booked, after taxes and fees.




How long in days the customer booked your hotel.




The number of days between the date of the booking and the check-in date for bookings reported via the Hotel Ads conversion tracking.


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