Unified lodging

When travelers search for hotels, they’re often undecided on their final dates and destinations, and are more likely to consider different accommodation types. Unified lodging combines vacation rentals with hotel listings in search results to give travelers a variety of options. By presenting these listings together, Google can help you reach travelers who may not have otherwise considered a vacation rental for their next destination.


  • Creates a more cohesive and useful travel product for all users
  • Provides a comprehensive place for users to learn about an array of lodging types
  • Connects Vacation Rental partners with new types of travelers—at least 20% of users in a recent study said they didn’t choose vacation rentals simply because the option never occurred to them
Note: The Vacation Rentals feature is free for partners to participate in. All listings are ranked according to their usefulness.

Who can participate?

All active Vacation Rentals partners are eligible to have their listings shown in unified lodging. Partners are encouraged to maintain healthy feeds, with full itinerary coverage, high price accuracy, and rich content (images, descriptions, and attributes). Only listings with accurate prices and availability are eligible to be shown in unified lodging.

Providers who are interested in participating in Vacation Rentals on Google can find more information here.

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