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About Vacation Rentals [hero image]

Vacation Rentals provide travelers with alternative ways to book accommodations outside of the typical hotel listings offered on Google. This gives travelers the ability to stay in various types of properties—be it a cabin in Lake Tahoe or a beach house in Sydney—by applying the Vacation Rentals filter, visiting the Vacation Rentals tab, or searching for vacation rentals directly on Search.

Vacation rental properties share a lot of similarities with hotels on Google, including being fully integrated with Google Maps and Search results, and sharing similar user experiences across all platforms. However, Google has also made some key changes to account for important differences in what guests and owners expect from a vacation rental experience.

For example, Vacation Rentals search filters support significantly more guests and multi-room itineraries, allowing properties catering to group stays to be more easily discovered. Additionally, Vacation Rentals does not display the exact property address in order to protect the privacy of the owner/property manager. Instead, only an estimated location of the property is shown on Google Maps. By introducing such differences for Vacation Rentals, Google aims to ensure that both guests and owners have a smooth booking experience.


With Vacation Rentals, both travelers and owners can benefit from a multitude of features and available options:


Vacation rental | Comprehensive search Vacation rentals | Detailed rental listings Vacation rentals | travel with family and friends
Travelers are able to find their dream vacation rental by using the various amenity filters specific to Vacation Rentals, such as if the property allows pets, is kid friendly, or has a hot tub. Along with essential listing information such as pricing, reviews, ratings, and photos, users can discover additional details about the location of the listing. This includes nearby restaurants, transit availability, and other points of interest. Vacation Rental listings can accommodate many guests, which is perfect for travelers planning a group getaway.


​​Vacation rental | Wide distribution

​​Vacation rental | Expand your inventory

With Google’s extensive search capabilities and reach, your vacation rental will be prominently displayed to travelers worldwide actively searching for their next booking. Providing vacation rentals expands the options you can provide to users beyond your traditional hotel inventory, increasing the amount (and variety) of available properties ensures that travelers are able to find their ideal lodging.

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