Country availability for gift cards & promotional codes

Here's where Google Play gift cards and promotional codes are available today.

Gift cards

Country Denominations Store locator Additional information
Australia $20, $30, $50 Terms of Service
Austria 15 €, 25 €, 50 € Terms of Service
Canada $15, $25, $50
Terms of Service
France 15 €, 25 €, 50 € Terms of Service
Germany 15 €, 25 €, 50 € Terms of Service
Hong Kong HK$200, HK$500, HK$1000 Terms of Service
Italy 15 €, 25 €, 50 € Terms of Service
Japan ¥1500, ¥3000, ¥5000, ¥10000, ¥15000, ¥20000 Terms of Service
Mexico $ 200, 300, 600 Terms of Service
Spain 15 €, 25 €, 50 € Terms of Service
Switzerland 30 CHF, 50 CHF, 100 CHF
Terms of Service
United Kingdom £10, £25, £50 Terms of Service
United States $10, $15, $25, $50 Terms of Service

Promotional codes

Country availability
Australia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, United States

To redeem a promotional code or gift card , the home address in your Google Wallet account must match the country where the promotional code is offered. You can check your home address by visiting Google Wallet > Clicking the Settings icon > Home Address.

You won't be able to change your home country if you have a Google Wallet balance, the Google Wallet mobile app, a Google Play balance, or a Checkout Merchant account.

Google Play gift cards and promotional codes:

  • Can only be used to purchase or rent content sold in local currency.
    • If you purchase a Google Play gift card or redeem a promotional code in Australia and then travel to Germany, you won’t be able to redeem your Google Play balance since paid content is sold in Euros.
  • Cannot be used on other Google properties or third-party websites.
  • Are not valid for any purchases in the device section of Google Play (including phones, tablets and any related accessories).
  • Promo codes may expire. Please contact the retailer for more information.
  • Are not refundable or redeemable for cash or other cards.