Flag an app or review on Google Play

If you find an issue with an app or review on Google Play, you can flag it to our team with the options below. We take your feedback seriously, and we appreciate your help in improving the Google Play experience.

Provide feedback about an app

You can flag an app on Google Play if you find an issue. Please read the options below to understand the types of issues we review.
Flag an app on Google Play
If you’re unhappy with an app you’ve found on Google Play, you can flag it.

Flag an app

  1. Open the Google Play App Google Play.
  2. Go to the detail page for an app or game.
  3. Tap More More and then Flag as inappropriate.
  4. Choose a reason.
  5. Tap Submit.

Tip: To provide feedback about the app to other users, you can leave a public review on Google Play. Learn more about reviews.

Report an app violating Google Play Developer Policy
If you think an app violates one of our Developer Program Policies, you can report it.
Report an app for illegal content
If you think an app violates your rights or applicable laws, you can report it.

Provide feedback about a review

You can provide feedback about a comment or review left by another Google Play user. Read about the feedback options below. Learn more about how we process app reviews.

Flag a comment or review
  1. Open the Google Play app Google Play.
  2. Locate the comment or review you'd like to flag.
  3. Tap More More and then Flag as inappropriate.
Tip: We may not send you an individual response, but we may still use your feedback to improve the Google Play experience.
Report developer comments

Developers can publicly reply to comments or reviews. Follow these steps if you think that you've received a reply that doesn't follow the Developer Comment Posting Policy:

  1. In the email you received with the developer response, click Report developer reply.
  2. Fill out this form. Be sure to include the direct link to the relevant developer comment, the developer’s name, and a brief summary.


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