How to report an app on the Google Play Store

If you find an app that you believe is in violation of our Google Play Developer Programme Policies, you can report the app to Google Play.

You can also report inappropriate content, comments and reviews on Google Play. We take your reports very seriously.

To request an app refund or get help with downloading, using or deleting an app, go to Get a refund on Google Play.

How to report inappropriate apps and games

We review content flagged by users for sexual content, hateful content, impersonation and other violations of our Developer Distribution Agreement (or also visit our Developer Policy Centre).

Let us know if you see an app or game that doesn't follow the Google Play Developer Programme Policy.

  1. Open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  2. Go to the detail page for an app or game.
  3. Tap More More and then Flag as inappropriate.
  4. Choose a reason.
  5. Tap Submit.
Tip: To provide feedback about the app to other users, you can leave a public review on the Google Play Store. Find out how to leave a review.

How to report problems with family content

We do our best to make sure that any content with a family star is more carefully reviewed and is age appropriate.

If you find inappropriate content, let us know.

How to report comments and reviews in the Play Store

Let us know if you see a comment or review that doesn't follow the comment posting policy.

Android app developer replies

Developers can publicly reply to comments or reviews. Let us know if you've received a developer reply that doesn't follow the Developer Comment Posting Policy.

  1. In the email that you received with the developer response, click Report developer reply.
  2. Fill in the report inappropriate developer reply form. Please include the direct link to the offensive developer comment, the developer name and a brief summary.

Report inappropriate comments and reviews

  1. Open the Google Play Store app Google Play.
  2. Locate the comment or review that you'd like to report.
  3. Tap More More and then Inappropriate.

Report trademark or copyright infringement

To report an app that you believe infringes on a trademark or copyright, visit our legal removal requests page.
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