Subscriptions on Google Play

When you subscribe to a news source or other content on Google Play, you receive new issues or access to content on a continuing basis. Google Play Music offers a music streaming subscription. Find more about Google Play Music subscriptions

You could see a payment authorization up to 72 hours before your current subscription or free trial expires. You won't be charged until the actual renewal date. You can also cancel your subscription before it expires.

To avoid interruptions to your subscriptions, you can add a backup payment method for individual subscriptions to your Google Play account. If your primary payment method stops working, your backup payment method will be charged. You can remove backup payment methods at any time.

Note: Chromebook users with the Google Play Store enabled can subscribe using the Android instructions. 

Subscribe on individual apps 

After you download some apps (like the Google News app News), you can choose to subscribe to content from the app. After you've downloaded the app:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Go to the section with subscription-based content. (For example, in the Google News app, tap Newsstand Newsstand.)
  3. Pick your subscription.
  4. Choose an existing payment method or add a new one. 
  5. Tap Subscribe.

Note: Some payment methods might not work for all subscriptions. To review payment method restrictions, see accepted payment methods.

Subscribe to Google Play Music

With a Google Play Music subscription, you get unlimited, ad-free access to millions of songs that you can mix with your own collection. Find more about Google Play Music subscriptions

Subscribe on Google Play Newsstand

You can subscribe to magazines and newspapers through Google Play Newsstand. Learn more about Google Play Newsstand. 

To subscribe on Google Play Newsstand:

  1. Open the Google Play Store Google Play.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Newsstand.
  3. Find the news source or magazine you want to subscribe to.
  4. Tap Subscribe and choose a subscription option.
  5. Select a payment method.
  6. Tap Subscribe
  7. Find and read the content in the Google Play Newsstand app Newsstand

Note: Some payment methods might not work for all subscriptions. To review payment method restrictions, see accepted payment methods. Exact pricing shown in the payment process can vary slightly from the price listed on Google Play based on currency exchange rates and price changes from month to month or year to year.

Trial subscriptions

Some subscriptions offer a trial period. This gives you access to the content for a time before your first subscription payment. If you don’t cancel, you'll be automatically billed for the subscription at the end of the trial period. If you cancel before the end of the trial, you won’t be charged. 

Learn how to cancel or change a subscription.

Access your subscriptions on other devices

Subscriptions are linked to your Google Account, not to your device. If you get a new or additional device, reinstall the app where you purchased the subscription within the app and you'll have access to your content. 

If you can’t access your content, make sure you’re using the same Google Account as when you purchased it. 

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