Transfer apps to a different developer account

If you have apps that you want to transfer to a different Google Play Developer account, you can send a request to our support team after reviewing the instructions listed below.

Review transfer tips & requirements

  • When you transfer apps to a different account, your apps' users, download statistics, ratings and reviews, content ratings, and store listing information are all transferred to your new account.
  • Your bulk export reports, payout reports, and earnings reports won't transfer with your app, and they’ll be deleted after the transfer is complete. Before you request an app transfer, it’s a good idea to download reports that you might need later. New versions of these reports will be created once the app transfers to a new account.
  • For our team to complete a transfer request, the original account and all apps being transferred need to comply with all policy guidelines.

Get ready to transfer apps

Step 1: Make sure your Google Play Developer accounts are registered & active

Before our team can transfer apps from your original account to a different account, known as your target account, both Google Play Developer accounts need to be fully registered and active.

Note: You need to pay the $25 USD registration fee for both accounts. After the transfer is complete, if you want to close your original account, our team can refund its registration fee.

Step 2: Transfer your developer name

If you want to use the same developer name on your target account as you're using on your original account, you need to change the name on your original account first.

Once you've changed your developer name on the original account, you can update the developer name on your target account.

Step 3: Find your account registration IDs

You'll need both of the transaction IDs for your original and target account registrations. You can find this on the receipt that was emailed to you when you registered for each account.

Tip: If you can't find them in your email, check your transactions on the account you used to pay the account registration fee.

Transactions IDs for registrations are typically in one of the following formats:

  • 01234567890123456789.token.0123456789012345
  • 0.G.123456789012345
  • registration-1234ab56-7c89-12d3-4567-8e91234567f8
Step 4: Prepare your target account

If you're transferring paid apps or apps with in-app products, your target account needs to have an active payments profile.

If you're using a different default currency on your target account, here are two conditions that apply to your transfer:

  • In-app purchases only: You need to add a price in the new default currency for each in-app product. After your app is transferred to your target account, the app will be unpublished until you publish it again. Once you've verified the new prices on your target account, publish the app again.
  • Paid apps: Default currency changes will be automatically applied to app prices.

Tip: If you're only transferring free apps and have completed the previous steps, move on to the next step.

Step 5: Update accounts & apps that use integrated services

If you use any integrated services on your apps, including Google Analytics, Firebase, and Google Play game services, make sure to update your account settings and apps.

If you don't use any integrated services on your apps, move on to the next step to submit your transfer request.

  • Google Analytics: Add permissions for your target account to your Google Analytics account.
  • Google Developer Console projects: Add your target account as an Owner for your Google Developer Console projects. These projects can include Google+ sign-in, Google Play game services, and other Google APIs.
  • Firebase projects: Unlink any Firebase projects from the original Play Console account and link the projects to the target account.
  • Ad SDK integrations (including AdMob): Once your apps have been transferred to your target account, to make sure ad traffic is credited to the correct account, all ad SDK integrations will need to be updated in your apps' APK files.
  • APK translations: If you have any translation projects in progress using Google Play's translation service, they need to be completed before your app(s) can be transferred.
  • Managed Google Play: To transfer a private app, make sure the account you want to transfer your app to is associated with your organization. Before the transfer can be completed, you'll need to temporarily unpublish your app and remove organization restrictions. Our support team will work with you to minimize the time your app isn't visible. Existing users will still be able to use and reinstall the app during the transfer process.

Tip: If you need help transferring a game services project, contact our support team.

Step 6: Submit your transfer request

After you've completed the previous steps, you're ready to submit your transfer request.

To help expedite your transfer, make sure you have the following information ready to submit:

  • Developer name on your target account
  • Original account email address
  • Target account email address
  • Transaction ID for original account registration
  • Transaction ID for target account registration
  • Package names for all apps you want to transfer to your target account

Note: If you're transferring paid apps or apps with in-app purchases, make sure your target account has an active payments profile.

Submit your request

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