Link a Google Play developer account to your payments profile

To sell paid apps and in-app purchases on Google Play, you need to set up a profile in the Google payments center. After you create a payments center profile, it's automatically linked to your Play Console. You can then manage app sales, view sales reports, receive payments from sales, and more in your Play Console.

Note: If you've previously set up a payments profile or Merchant Center account, it's already linked to your Play Console.

To link your Play Console to a payments profile:

  1. Sign in to your Play Console.
  2. Click Download Reports Reports > Financial.
  3. Select Set up a merchant account now.
  4. Type your business information to complete setup.

After you've set up your payments profile, make sure your apps are sold using the proper tax for your location.

If you aren't located in any of the supported locations for merchants and don't own the required bank account for receiving payments, Google may not be able to pay for the sales in that account by any other means.

You can only link a Play Console and payments profile once. After they're linked, they can't be unlinked or changed. If you need to unlink them or make changes, you'll need to sign up for a new developer account, pay another registration fee, and transfer any existing apps to your new payments profile.
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