Subscriptions or recurring charges

In-app billing API now supports recurring charges and subscription billing. The new subscription feature will allow you to charge users on a monthly or annual basis for content or services. You can also offer subscription trials to your users.

The subscription feature may be configured within the Google Play Developer Console, and available for purchase on all Google Play clients above version 3.5+. Subscriptions are only available in countries which support in-app billing. A given app can have multiple subscription items - they’re just separate in-app items with a recurring payment feature.

If user cancels a subscription, they are not granted a refund. Instead, they will continue to have access to the purchased subscription until the end of the prepaid subscription cycle. Please note that each subscription must be supported for as long as there’s at least one active user. Failure to do so will result in Developer account suspension as well as refunding the cost of the no longer available subscription to the user out of the Developer account in question.

Create a Subscription for your App

The in-app billing version 3 API has been expanded to support in-app subscriptions. If you use in-app subscriptions, we encourage you to migrate to in-app billing version 3 API to take advantage of the API's increased robustness and new features. To learn more, read our article about in-app billing version 3.

Adding a subscription is very similar to a regular in-app product, except the price is set to be per month or per year, and the type of in-app item is Subscription. To do this:

  1. Log into your Google Play Developer Console
  2. Open your application by selecting All Applications in the left navigation bar, and then selecting the application.
  3. Then, select Add New Product
  4. Select Subscription.
  5. Next, add the in-app product ID and click Continue.
  6. After that, please add the additional parameters asked for.
  7. Finally, click Save.

Subscription Trials

If you would like to offer subscription trials to your users, you would need to set a trial duration per subscription SKU. Trial prices are always $0. Trial duration must be greater than or equal to 7 days. Users will be billed on the day following the end of the trial period.

Please keep in mind that users can only be granted a trial to a specific subscription product once. Upon cancellation of a trial, the user will no longer be able to access the subscription.

Please note that subscriptions cannot be unpublished, and the price of the subscription cannot be changed. We are currently working on implementing unpublishing and price changes for the subscriptions. Additionally, we do not support subscriptions with the price set to $0 (except in the subscription trials).

Additional Resources

If you'd like to implement this functionality, please view the integration tutorial. To learn more about in-app billing, please visit our in-app billing overview page.