Troubleshoot audio issues

If you experience issues with the audio coming from your Google Pixel Buds:

  1. If music is not playing, try tapping once on the earbuds or host device (some apps do not work with touch controls on the earbud).
  2. Confirm that your Pixel Buds and charging case are charged.
  3. Confirm that Bluetooth® is on, and that your Pixel Buds are within range and paired with your device
  4. Make sure you have updated to the latest firmware version.
  5. On your host device, turn Bluetooth off, then turn it back on.
  6. Wait for the Pixel Buds to automatically reconnect with your previously connected host device. This can take several seconds. If necessary, change which host device you are connected to by selecting "Pixel Buds" from that device's Bluetooth menu.
  7. If you are still experiencing audio issues, “forget” your Pixel Buds from your device, restart the device you wish to connect with your Pixel Buds, and pair your Pixel Buds with the device again.
  8. If necessary, clean each Pixel Bud, especially if there is any debris around the microphone or speaker openings. To avoid damaging your Pixel Buds, only clean around the microphone holes and speaker vent openings. Do not insert anything in these areas.
  9. If you are still experiencing issues, try resetting your Pixel Buds.
  10. Confirm that the proper eartip size is selected for optimal audio quality. Try all 3 sizes to find the most comfortable tip that provides the best audio performance. A tight seal gives you better sound and mic performance. If you are not getting the audio or call quality you expect, try bigger eartips.
  11. Placement of a phone, particularly in outdoor scenarios, may affect Bluetooth connection. You can improve the Bluetooth connection by changing the placement of the phone where the phone is held.
  12. If you experience low volume on both earbuds, adjusting these settings may solve it.
    Pixel phones: You may have developer options configured on your host device and “Disable absolute volume” turned on. To turn this off, tap More settings and then Developers options and then toggle “Disable absolute volume” off.
    Non-Pixel Androids: Try one of the fixes below.
    • Enable “Media Volume Sync” by going to your device's settings and then Connections and then Bluetooth and then Advanced and then toggle "Media volume sync" on.
    • Go to your device's settings and then Network and then Bluetooth and then Select your Pixel Buds settings and then Edit the name of the device and then Rename it "ABS-DO-ENABLE" and then Tap and hold the device name and then Disconnect and tap on the device name to reconnect.

Google, Pixel Buds, and related logos and marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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