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Is there no censoring of news stories?

I pull up Google news tonight and in the spotlight section I see:

I Will Not Read Your Fucking Script

Village Voice - ‎Sep 9, 2009‎
We know you've been working very hard on your screenplay, but before you go looking for some professional feedback, you might keep in mind the following piece by A History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson.

How does that get past the censors?  I'm just glad none of my 4 children were looking over my shoulder.

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Hi Robert,

Thanks for bringing this inappropriate content to our attention. We'll contact the Village Voice following your alert.

As you my know, Google News is highly unusual in that it offers a news service compiled solely by computer algorithms without human intervention. There are no human editors at Google selecting or grouping the headlines and pictures, and no individual decides which stories and images get top placement. This automation is what makes Google News a valuable source of information on the important issues of the day. We are always working to improve our service, and your feedback will help us in this process.

~ Inbal
No, this was not appropriate content for the Google News website.  I came across it myself and reported the issue via the comment feedback process.  The fact that Google's algorithms did not filter the title demonstrates that there is product need at Google.  Google removed the 'beta' term and the fact that is a mainstream product with viewers of all ages, makes this mistake unacceptable.

I'd be curious to know why this is the Village Voice's fault.  I've seen countless news articles with profanity.

Perhaps Google News should tweak its algorithm to remove content from the front page *only* with profanity.  But I don't think it's the publisher's fault.  As a blogger who has a few publications in Google News, I don't think it's our responsibility since our readership would be interested in that content.  I personally know that this is the typical style for the Village Voice and I'd highly doubt it if they would even consider changing for Google.

Maybe I'm wrong.  I'm not affiliated with "profane" publications.  But I think that this is Google's responsibility since you can't always police the publishers that closely and a small change on your end would eliminate these problems.
Google user
Google user
The reality this, this was not the fault of the Village Voice, which doesn't pretend at being a legitimate news service.
Google News, however does.

I contacted Google Press and specifically made them aware of this issue.  Minutes later the article was removed.  Not too long afterward, it appeared once again.
I have screen shots demonstrating the above, and the times I contacted Google. I will provide transcripts of those emails to Google press to whoever is interested.
I linked Google to my blog article documenting this event, their notice, the temporary removal and the deliberate decision to re-insert that headline.

Not long after that, it was removed a final time.

Google can play dumb all it wants.  The documentation is here:

Rather than respond to this, I suspect they will simply remove this comment.  Given the amount of traffic coming through on this article on my blog, I think Google would be wise to consider implementing some basic word filtering or putting users on notice that Google considers profanity to be appropriate in headlines, and that those who are offended by it, should use a different aggregation service.

Google user
Google user
While you are here, can you kindly put that article I linked back in Google's index? 
It seems that an employee from Google "accidentally on purpose" removed it from the Google search results a few days after it was first posted.

I'm sure you'll be happy to assist in correcting that apparent oversight.
I wish there was a better way to report serious stories. I just came across a CNN-approved website, The Frisky, and the editor-in-chief, Amelia McDonell-Parry is advocating the RAPE OF MINORS. She posts an article about having sex with minors (there are 2 listed). http://www.thefrisky.com/slides/246-21-guys-were-ashamed-to-say-wed-totally-screw/P8/ and http://www.thefrisky.com/slides/246-21-guys-were-ashamed-to-say-wed-totally-screw/P19/  both are MINORS and an adult is advocating having sex with them. And this is supposed to be a cite that regularly contributes to CNN. So shameful and disgusting! I can't believe they allow this garbage!!! And CNN doesn't even care. I have tried to contact them numerous times and they haven't done anything about it. I wish google would report CNN turning a blind eye to sexualizing and taking advantage of minors. This constitutes rape since they are minors. So basically this woman is advocating the RAPE OF MINORS!!!
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