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Google Sports Pinned Sports Scores are not updating. Android Samsung Galaxy 8 phone
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How to block CNN NBC news from my Google search Block CNN and NBC Why news feed is not updating and how to fix. Why answers to previous inquiries locked? News showing are not updating. Can find similar inquiries but answers are locked. Why am I being den…
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My feed aggressively keeps showing me Mandalorian news which I can't turn off I can't seem to get rid of Mandalorian news. It's showing nowhere when I click "Manage interests", n… Liberal Based Media Content On My News Feed Hi I am wondering why by default I only receive news from liberal based biased new stations. Every g…
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How to get Chrome on Mobile to ALWAYS open the actual source website, not the Google News embed? Google News is my homepage on Chrome. On mobile, when I select a link, some of them take me to their…
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How to block cnn Stop seeing cnn fake newd
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How to personalize the Google News feed. It is not possible remove sources or dislike! How to personalize the newsfeed when the "dislike" button don't work nor does the 3 dots and block n… "No supported browser" on Android 11 Since upgrading to Android 11, "view original web page" New York Times links fail to open with a "no… "Following topics" not populating with any news items. Topics in my following section have no items in them. The regular categories are populated, but for …
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Google news keeps showing the same news stories over and over. Why? I haven't tried anything. Didn't know if I could. How do you stop getting the same exact news storie…
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I want local Ripon North Yorkshire news Hg41nr Google News - open in app not working? When a story on google news has a link to instagram or twitter for example, the app ask you to open … What have i purchased See my play store purchases
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Instagram links do not work in google news latest two versions. Okay so I like to keep my phone up to date and back in October I updated my google news. After the u…
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How can I get more detailed rejection choices for articles on google news feed? How can I get more detailed questions about why I am rejecting an article? I may be interested in a …
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