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Accessibility features on Google Nest or Home devices

Google Nest or Home speakers or displays, and the Google Home app include features that can be helpful for customers with accessibility needs.

Use your voice or the Google Home app to do the actions below. Note that each feature may differ in what you can do with your voice and through the app.

Control your appliances

When you link your smart devices to your speaker or display, you can control them with your voice or through the Google Home app. Google Assistant works with over 50,000 smart home devices, including smart plugs, smart light bulbs, smart thermostats, and even a smart bed.

To find devices that work with speaker or display, explore the Google Assistant partners.

Make phone calls and broadcast messages

You can contact your family and friends and make phone calls on your speaker or display with just your voice. Google Assistant can call anyone in your Google contacts. It can also search businesses and services online and call the one you choose. Learn how to make calls on your speaker or display.

You can receive calls on your Google Nest display when you and your contacts set up Google Duo. Learn how to make and receive calls on Google Nest displays.

While Google Duo and Google Meet have combined into a new Meet app on mobile devices, tablets, and computers, Google Nest displays will continue to show the Google Duo icon Duo app.

To contact someone in another room, you can use your speaker or display to broadcast a message to any other speaker or display that is on the same Wi-Fi network and signed in to the same Google Account. Learn how to broadcast messages on your speaker or display

Important: You cannot call emergency numbers through your speaker or display. You must use your phone.


You can use your voice or the Google Home app to play your favorite music from Google Assistant partner music services. You can also play a podcast, select a movie, or adjust the volume on your smart speaker or Chromecast-connected TV. Learn how to play media with your speaker or display.

Explore Google Assistant’s entertainment partners.

Manage your tasks

Use your voice and the Google Home app to keep track of what you need to do.

  • To keep track of your schedule, use a Google calendar. You can add events with your voice and ask Google Assistant about anything on your calendar in the future.
  • To remember what to do, use your voice or the Google Home app to set a reminder. Your speaker or display will remind you at the scheduled time and whenever you ask. You can also ask Google Assistant to remember important information for you.
  • To make your tasks more simple, set up Routines. A Routine allows you to make your speaker or display do many things with just one voice command. For example, if you need to turn off your lights, set your alarm, lock your door, and adjust your thermostat when you go to bed, you can set up a bedtime Routine. Then just say “Hey Google, bedtime,” and Google Home will do all these things.

Explore how to get things done and manage tasks.

How to get started

What you need

  • Google Wifi or another Wi-Fi router (preferably, a mesh network for maximum coverage).
  • A Google Nest or Home device.
  • Phone or tablet with Android or iOS.
  • Any desired smart devices. Explore Google Assistant partners to find smart devices that work with your speaker or display.

What to do

  1. Set up your Google Wifi or other Wi-Fi router, if you haven’t already done so.
  2. Set up your speaker or display.
  3. Set up your other smart devices according to the device maker’s instructions.
  4. Connect your devices to your speaker or display.

For more help

Contact Google Nest Help
Contact Google Disability Support

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