When to replace your Nest Protect

Google Nest Protect will speak to you and send a notification in the Nest app when it needs to be replaced – either because it has expired, or has been damaged. Second generation Nest Protects have to be replaced after 10 years, while first generation Nest Protects have to be replaced after 7 years.

Nest Protect is designed and manufactured to be highly sensitive to the environment in your home, so it can accurately detect potential threats. If it has been damaged or when it has expired it must be replaced.

Why does Nest Protect have an expiration date?

Just like any electrical appliance, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms wear out over time. Most carbon monoxide alarms have an average lifespan of five to seven years and must be replaced when they expire. Standards issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) require that all smoke alarms be replaced at least every ten years. You'll no longer be protected from smoke or carbon monoxide if you don't replace your Nest Protect when it expires.

What could damage my Nest Protect?

Nest Protect should be treated with care to prevent damage. Like other electronic devices, it can be damaged by:

  • A significant incident, such as a fire or flood
  • Detergent or cleaning solvents (like glass cleaner)
  • Other chemicals including paint, air fresheners, hair spray, other aerosols, or vehicle exhaust can also damage your Nest Protect
  • Open flames

How do I know when it's time to replace my Nest Protect?

Nest Protect constantly monitors its internal sensors and batteries and will let you know if it detects a problem with its sensors or battery during Nightly Promise. If the sensors, light ring, or sound no longer work, Nest Protect will have to be replaced.

Nest Protect will let you know it needs to be replaced, and will tell you why. For example, when it has expired, Nest Protect will pulse yellow. Press the button on Nest Protect and it will say,“Nest Protect has expired. Replace it now.” The Nest app will also alert you when it’s time for a replacement.

Replace your Nest Protect now

Where can I find the replacement date?

You can always check the status of your Nest Protect and see its expiration date with the
Nest app. Here's how: 

1. Select the Nest Protect icon. 
2. Tap or click the settings icon (shaped like a gear) in the top right corner. 
3. Select the Nest Protect that you want to check. 
4. Select Technical Info. You'll see the expiration date next to "Replace by."

You can also check the replacement date
on the back of Nest Protect.

How can I tell which Nest Protect I
have? >

For information about recycling and
disposal of your Nest Protect, visit nest.com/responsibility.

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