How to read Protect History with the Nest app

Protect History shows you what your Google Nest Protect has done in the last 10 days, so you know what’s going on, even if you’re not around. Protect History can be viewed with the Nest app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

When your Nest Protect has been connected to Wi-Fi and added
to your account in the app, you'll have access to a detailed
summary of safety events for the last 10 days. Protect History
displays the time of Heads-Up alerts, Emergency Alarms, when
Pathlight lit up, and other events. That way, you can confirm that
everything's alright—and you can use it to track what went
wrong, in case there's an emergency. Viewing Nest Protect's
data over 10 days can let you detect patterns you might
otherwise have missed.

To view Protect History, just launch the Nest app. Select the
home that you want, then click or tap on the menu icon in the
top right corner and select Protect History. You’ll see a list of all
the Nest Protects that you have installed in that home. Click or
tap on the Protect that you want to view.

Safety history page


Safety history daily view Each day will have a summary view with an
icon that shows you the highest priority
event of the day. For instance, if there was a
low battery notice on the same day as an
smoke Emergency alarm, the summary would highlight the Emergency Alarm.


app protect history detailed info

Select each specific event to read detailed

After a CO Heads-Up or Emergency Alarm,
Protect History will show you the event’s
peak CO level. The peak CO level is the
highest level of CO that Nest Protect
detected- not the average level of CO over
the course of the event.

During CO events, CO levels can fluctuate

Learn more about CO levels >

Summary View

Safety history green ok bar A green bar lets you know that everything
was OK. There weren’t any Heads-Up
alerts or Emergency alarms during the day.

Safety history yellow for low battery, smoke, CO, sensor problem, power outage A yellow bar tells you that there was a
Heads-Up alert of some kind: smoke or CO
detected, low battery, a power outage, sensor issue etc.

Safety history red for smoke and CO  red bar indicates that there was an
Emergency alarm, such as smoke or CO, or both.


Safety history no data bar

A gray bar shows that there is no data for
that time period, usually because of a Wi-Fi
or Internet connection issue.

Protect History Details

If you click on any day, you’ll see a more detailed view of the events of the day.
Safety history green check icon

Everything was OK. The green checkmark appears when Nest
Protect is functioning normally: when Nightly Promise lets you
know the sensors are working, when you complete a manual
test, and when smoke or carbon monoxide clears after a
Heads-Up or Emergency alarm.

Safety history green house icon Nest Protect installed. You’ll see this icon after you add a Nest
Protect to your account in the app.

Safety history icon blue pathlight Pathlight. This icon appears when Pathlight was on. If Pathlight
illuminates multiple times, Protect History groups the events
into a single icon.

Safety history yellow power outage icon Power outage. Usually, you’ll see this icon if you have a wired
Nest Protect and there’s a power outage in your home.

Safety history yellow warning icon

This icon lets you know Nest Protect detected a problem: a
smoke or CO Heads-Up, a sensor issue, or low battery levels.

Safety history red emergency icon

The red diamond icon appears when smoke or CO emergencies

Learn more about carbon monoxide levels in your home >

Safety history missing data icon Data missing. This typically occurs when there is a Wi-Fi or
Internet connection issue over a few days. Check your Wi-Fi
connection, and tap to retry downloading the data.

Safety history expired icon

Nest Protect has expired. You’ll need to replace it.

Learn about when to replace your Nest Protect >

What to do if Protect History is missing information 

After installing your Nest Protect, it will normally take about a day for it to build its history. However, it can take up to 48 hours before your Protect History becomes available.

On occasion, after your Nest Protect has been installed for a while, you might notice that Protect History is missing information. There may be an entire day missing from the history (usually yesterday), or you may see a gray “data missing” icon in the history timeline. Nest Protect updates Protect History once a day, so if you see missing information, you may need to wait for it to update. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the updated information to become viewable in the Nest app.

If the problem persists, or you see that one or more of your Nest Protects is listed as offline in the Nest app, you should try some of the Wi-Fi troubleshooting steps in the article below.

Troubleshooting Nest Protect's Wi-Fi connection 

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