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Remove a product from your account

Remove each product from the app it was first set up on. For example, if you first set up a thermostat with the Home app, remove it from the Home app. If you can't remove it from or can’t find your product in one app, check the other one.

Remove from the Nest app
  1. Sign in to the Nest app.
  2. If you have another home, on the app home screen, tap Menu  in the top left corner. Then select the home that has the product you'd like to remove.
  3. On the app home screen, tap Settings Nest settings icon.
  4. Tap the product you'd like to remove (For Guard, Detect, and Tag, tap Security, then the product you'd like to remove).
  5. Scroll down and select Remove [product name].
  6. You'll then be asked to confirm your choice.
  7. If you're not going to use your Nest product again, make sure to do a factory reset. Select your Nest product below for reset details.

Remove from the Home app

To remove a Nest product from your account on the Home app, go to Delete and remove access to Google Nest devices.

If you're not going to use your Nest product again, make sure to do a factory reset. Select your Nest product below for reset details.

What to know before you remove a product

Nest Protect

After it's removed from your account, your Nest Protect can still sound an alarm if it detects specified levels of smoke or carbon monoxide. However, some features will be limited:

  • You'll no longer be able to view the last reported status of the Nest Protect in the Nest app
  • You won't be able to change settings
  • You won't get push notifications from the Nest Protect
Nest cameras and doorbells

Important: Do not unplug your camera until the light ring is pulsing blue after the removal is complete. If you unplug your camera before that, you will need to reset it to get it working again. To learn more, go to Restart or factory reset your Nest camera or doorbell.

  • If you remove a camera from your account, it will permanently delete all of that camera's recorded Video History.
  • If you want to cancel the Nest Aware subscription for your camera, you can do it even if you've already removed your camera from your account. For canceling instructions, go to Cancel Nest Aware subscription.
Nest × Yale Lock

After it's removed from your account in the Nest app, your Nest × Yale Lock will still be able to lock and unlock your door, but only using passcodes previously set up with your account. You can also use the thumb turn inside your home.

Important: If you remove the Nest × Yale Lock from your account in the Nest app, you will need to do a factory reset in order to change settings on the lock itself, which will clear all of your previously set passcodes. You will then need to create passcodes using the lock's keypad.

How to factory reset your Nest × Yale Lock 

After it's removed from your account, your Nest × Yale Lock can't:

  • Create or change passcodes with the Nest app
  • Remotely lock and unlock your door with the Nest app
  • View the last reported lock or unlock status
  • Receive notifications, such as low battery, deadbolt extension and retraction issues, and tamper warnings
  • Adjust some settings to enable or disable features, like setting a time to Auto-Lock
Nest Tag

If a Tag is lost, you can remove it from your account by following the instructions to make sure no one else can use it to disarm Nest Secure.

Tags can also be temporarily disabled or reassigned to someone else who also shares access to your Nest home.

For more details and complete instructions, go to Disable Nest Tag or remove it from your account.

If you've removed Nest Guard before Tags

If you remove Nest Guard before removing Tags in your account, you can always find Tags that are currently assigned to yourself or other people:

  1. On the app home screen, tap Settings Nest settings icon.
  2. Select Family and Guests.
  3. Tap the person whose Tag you want to view or remove, then tap on their Tag.

Nest thermostats

Make sure to disconnect your Google Nest thermostat from your account or factory reset it. You don't have to do these in any particular order.

Google Nest Hub Max

After it’s removed from your account, your Nest Hub Max will no longer recognize voice commands, play media, show reminders or calendar events, or use the built in Nest Cam. All Nest Cam footage in your history will be deleted. Saved clips will not be deleted. In order to use the device, you’ll need to set it up again.

Works with Nest product

Works with Nest products don't show up in the Nest app, you typically need to control them with their own app. However, you can disable the connection to the Nest app. For detailed instructions, go to How to remove a Works with Nest connection.
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