How to move a Nest Aware subscription to another camera that you own

If you have one camera with a Google Nest Aware subscription and another camera without a subscription, you can’t move the subscription between your cameras. This article gives you two options for getting a Nest Aware subscription onto the camera without one.

Once a subscription has been assigned to a camera, it can’t be moved to a different one.

But there are a couple of alternative things you can try:

Option 1: Physically move your cameras

If your cameras are in the same home, it might be easier to physically move them – especially if they’re indoor cameras that you’ve simply placed on a surface or attached to the same type of base. For example, if you have one camera with a Nest Aware subscription and another camera without one, you can simply swap their locations and rename them.

To swap the location of two cameras in the same home:

  1. Unplug both cameras, move each one to its new physical location, and plug them back in. The cameras will start up and automatically reconnect to your existing Wi-Fi network.

    If your camera installations are more complicated, see how to move your camera to another room.

  2. Use the Nest app to update each camera’s “where” label.

Important: If you have another home in the Nest app, don’t just physically swap cameras between homes. Instead, if you need to move a subscription to a camera in your other home, see the section below about purchasing a new subscription and canceling the old one.

Option 2: Purchase a new subscription and cancel your current one 

If you can’t physically swap your cameras as described above, you’ll need to purchase a new Nest Aware subscription for the camera that doesn’t have one yet. You can keep your current subscription on your other camera or cancel it.

Don’t remove your camera from the Nest app. When you purchase the new subscription, you can assign it to any camera in your account that doesn’t currently have a subscription.

Important: Cancellation happens immediately and can't be reversed. All video history, settings, and preferences related to the subscription will be erased. However, clips and timelapses you created will be saved to your account in the Nest app and can still be accessed on a computer as long as you have a camera added to the app. When you cancel a subscription, you may be issued a refund or credit. For more details, see FAQs about Nest Aware.

Canceling your subscription works differently depending on how you originally purchased it.

Purchased the subscription from Nest

If you purchased the subscription directly from Nest, you can cancel the subscription and purchase a new one in Nest’s online store.
Nest store website

Purchased the subscription from a Nest partner

If you purchased the subscription from one of our partners, contact the partner to learn about your options for canceling and re-subscribing. For more information, including how to tell if you purchased your subscription from a partner, visit our FAQs about purchasing Nest Aware through one of our partners.


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