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How to move your camera to another room, a different home, or another country

It’s simple to move Google Nest cameras to a different spot in your home, but you may want to give it a new location name with the app. Moving a camera to another home is more complex, especially if you have a Google Nest Aware subscription. We don’t recommend using your camera in a different country.

Here’s what you need to know about moving your Nest camera to a new spot, or to a new home altogether.

How to move a camera to a different spot in your home with same Wi-Fi network 

If you're just moving your camera to another spot in your home — but not connecting it to a new Wi-Fi network:

  1. Unplug your Nest camera.
  2. Remove any screws and mounting plates, if you’ve used them. (see the section below for details)
  3. Plug it back in or wire it in at its new location.

    Note: For your Google Nest Hello, you’ll need to have a wired doorbell and chime already installed at its new location.

  4. Your camera will try to automatically reconnect to the same Wi-Fi network.
  5. Test your camera’s connection before re-mounting it. Hold your camera exactly where it will be mounted and check the video stream with the Nest app. If you don’t see video, or the video is low quality, try moving your camera to a new location.
  6. Re-use screws and mounting accessories, if needed.
  7. Update your camera’s location name with the Nest app.

Note: If your Nest camera is having trouble connecting after you've moved it, you may have moved it out of your Wi-Fi network’s range. Try moving it a little closer to your router (even a couple of feet can make a difference). If that doesn’t help, follow the troubleshooting suggestions in this article:

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How to uninstall the mounting plate and other hardware

If you mounted your camera to a wall or other surface, you can remove and re-use all the parts in your camera’s new location.

Nest Cam Outdoor 

  1. Your camera includes cable clips and a power adapter plate for securing the power cord and adapter on their way to the outlet. Unscrew each of these items and remove them from the wall or other surface they were attached to. If you used wall anchors, they can be removed or left in.
  2. Pull your camera off its mounting magnet and temporarily place it somewhere out of the way. To separate the mounting magnet from the wall plate, you can wedge a flathead screwdriver into the slot on the wall plate and pry them apart.
  3. Remove the screws from the wall plate and take it off the wall.
  4. Seal and paint over any holes or wall anchors left in the wall.

Nest IQ Outdoor 

  1. Use the hex wrench included with your camera
    to remove it from the wall plate. Insert the
    wrench into the hole and twist until the camera is released.
Nest cam IQ

  1. If you want to detach the power cable from the
    camera, turn your camera around so you can see
    the small latch on the back. Push the latch to
    unlock the power cable (A), then gently pull the
    cable out of the camera (B).
  2. Remove the wall plate screws and the wall plate.
  3. Remove any cable clips and screws. If you used wall anchors, they can be removed or left in.
  4. Seal and paint over any holes left in the wall.
Cam IQ outdoor latch cable release


Nest Cam Indoor 

  1. Remove the screws from the mounting plate and take it off the wall.
  2. Check your camera’s video stream in the new spot
  3. Mount your Nest Cam Indoor in its new location.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor 

  1. If you’re using a mounting accessory, unscrew the camera’s base from it
  2. Remove the tripod mount and re-install it in the new location.

Nest Hello video doorbell

  1. Carefully remove your doorbell using the release tool.
  2. Disconnect the wires.
  3. Remove the screws from the wallplate and take it off the wall.
  4. Mount your Nest Hello in its new location. 

How to move your camera to a new home

If you move to a new home and take your Nest camera and Wi-Fi router with you, simply connect your router to the internet with the same network name and password as before. When you plug in your Nest camera, it will remember how to connect to your Wi-Fi.

If you change your network name and password, or if you get a new router when you move — for example, if you change internet service providers — you'll need to update your Nest camera’s settings so that it knows how to connect to your network.

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How to move your camera to another home in the Nest app 

If you have another home in your account in the Nest app, you can move a Nest camera from one home to another. Simply remove your camera from your account in the app, select your other home in the app, and set up your camera at the other home.

Important: If you have a Nest Aware subscription, there are a few other things you’ll need to do. This is because subscriptions are not only attached to your camera, they’re also attached to the home it’s in. Follow the steps in the article below.

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Taking your Nest camera to another country isn't recommended 

We don’t recommend using your Nest camera in a different country than where it was purchased for several reasons:

If you have a Nest Aware subscription, moving from one country to another can cause complications with billing and services.

Nest cameras are optimized to work best with specific Wi-Fi standards, depending on where they were sold. This means that your Nest camera may experience decreased performance if you move it to a different country, and it may not comply with regulations there.

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