Make calls with your Google Nest display

You can make and receive calls on your Nest display if you have Duo video calling.

Note: The device being used to contact your Nest display must have a camera in order for the video calling feature to work.

Set up video calling

If you haven’t set up Duo yet on your Nest display, follow these steps.

Important: If you already use Duo, make sure you connect your Google Account to your Duo phone number in the Duo app on your phone before following these steps.

  1. Open the Google Home app Google Home.
  2. At the bottom, tap Home .
  3. Tap your Smart Display's icon and then Device settings  and then Duo video calling.
  4. Follow the steps.

If you have trouble with Duo after setting up your Smart Display, learn how to fix common problems.

Call someone

To control your video call, use your voice or your screen.

Important: You must turn on personal results to call your contacts.

Start a call

  • Say "Call [contact]" or "Video call [contact]."
  • If you see a missed call on the screen, tap it.

End a call

  • Say "End the call" or "Hang up."
  • Tap End call.

Mute or unmute a call

  • Say "Mute call" or "Unmute call."
  • Tap Mute Mute.

Answer or decline a call

  • Say "Answer the call" or tap Answer.
  • Say "Decline the call" or tap Decline.

Call your Smart Display

You can call your Smart Display from your phone.

  1. Make sure you have the Google Assistant on your phone.
  2. Make sure you have Duo set up on your phone and your Google Account connected to your Duo phone number.
  3. Make sure you are using the same Google Account with Duo on your phone and on your Smart Display.
  4. On your phone, start a conversation with the Google Assistant and say "Video call [Smart Display name] or "Video call home."

Unlink Duo from your Smart Display

For instructions on how to unlink the Duo app from your Smart Display, go here.

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