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Set up Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing is a set of tools that you can use to place limits on when and how your Google Nest or Home speakers and displays are used.

Note: This feature may not be available in all countries, regions, or languages.

Restrict content on your speakers and displays

Filters can help you place limits on how people in your household can use your Google Nest or Home speaker or display. You can use Filters to do things like block access to music with explicit lyrics, or define which video services are enabled. Learn how to set up filters.

Temporarily turn off Google Assistant

With Downtime, you can help your family take a break from Google Nest speakers or displays. When your speakers or displays are in Downtime, they will not respond to most commands or questions. During Downtime, you also will not receive notifications from your speakers and displays. Alarms and timers will still work. Downtime schedules can only be created or changed by the person who initially set up the device. Learn how to set up Downtime.

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