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Video history in the Google Home app

Video history is Nest’s cloud-based video recording and storage service. Your Google Nest camera or doorbell automatically stores video securely to the cloud so that you can access it anytime. Use this article to learn more about how to access video history for your cameras in the Home app.

  • Newer cameras and doorbells (launched in 2021 or later) will have their video history timeline in the Home app.
  • For older Nest cameras and doorbells (launched prior to 2021), find the video history timeline in the Nest app instead.
  • For any Nest camera or doorbell model, you can also find a list of recorded camera events in the Home app’s Feed and Home history.

Find your camera’s video history

Here’s how to access your camera’s video history:

  1. Open the Home app .
  2. On the home screen, select your camera.
  3. Near the bottom of the screen, tap History.

Video history controls

  • Slide your finger left or right on the timeline to scrub through your camera’s video history.
  • To skip from one event to the previous or next one, tap Forward or Reverse .
  • Tap Pause  or Replay  on the video window.

What your camera’s timeline means

  • Recorded events are marked as blue on the timeline.
  • For event video history, the time between recorded events (when there’s no activity) appears as gaps in the timeline.
  • For 24/7 video history, footage with no activity is marked as gray on the timeline. If there are gaps in the 24/7 video history, then the camera was either turned off or offline.

Get more information about recorded events

When reviewing a recorded event, you can find the following information near the top of the video history screen:

  • Type of event
  • Date and time
  • Room name or Activity Zone

Tap Event details to get more information about the recorded event. From there you can also download the event by tapping the download icon in the top right corner.

Tap Full history to get a list of recorded events for your camera in the home history.

Note: How far back in time you’re able to review recorded events will depend on which Nest Aware subscription you have.

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