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Learn about the Feed in the Home app

Use the Home Feed tab in the Google Home app to review events your Nest products have detected. Check the Feed for important events, like a person seen, or a package delivered, or a general recap of the day’s recent events in your home. Tap on an event to learn more about what happened to take action, like watch a video clip or listen to an audio clip.

Note: If you own a camera, you’ll need a Nest Aware subscription to view video events in the Feed, use emergency calling, or use video history. Without Nest Aware, you can still see camera events from the last 3 hours.


Example events in the Feed include:

  • Events from your Nest cameras or thermostat
  • Network issues detected by Nest Wifi
  • Certain sounds detected on Google Nest or Home speakers and displays (with Nest Aware (US only))

Personalize your feed

Events can be personalized to show just events you want to see.

  • From settings, tap Feed customization settings Feed customization settings and then toggle the events you want to see on or off.
  • From an event card, tap Hide motion events.

Priority events

Priority events show you recent, important events that are going on in your home such as faces seen by your camera, sound or motion detected, and more.

  • Tap the event to check more details, such as when it happened, and which device it was recorded on.
  • You can also take action such as labeling faces seen by your cameras or go to the live view. Note: Before you add someone’s face to your library, check the local law and get their permission first, if required.
  • If you don’t need to check the event in your feed, tap Dismiss. The event will still appear in Home history.

Recent events

Recent events shows you the latest things that happened in your home. Older events are in Home history.


The Home app sends you notifications when events occur so you’ll know what’s happening in your home even if you don’t have the Home app open. Tap on the notification to learn more or interact with it. Depending on your camera, you can find it either under app settings or your camera’s settings.

Video and sound events

Note: Sound detection and emergency calling features are only available in the US.

Event-based recording (EBR)

The Feed shows you recent clips from your camera or doorbell so you'll know what’s going on in your home. To learn more about EBR, please visit the Learn about Event-Based Recording article.

Sound detection

If the speakers and displays in your home detect the sound of a smoke alarm or the sound of glass breaking, you’ll get a notification from the Home app. Open the notification to learn more about what’s going on and make an emergency call with the Home app if you need to.

Sound detection for speakers, displays, and cameras

Emergency calling with Nest Aware


Home history

Your Home history shows you events that happen in your home, like when motion or sound is detected on your supported Google or Nest devices, going back up to 60 days. Learn more about how Nest Aware stores video events.

To browse through your Home’s history:

  • At the top of the screen, tap on a date to view that day’s history.
  • Swipe left or right to quickly scroll through dates.

If you want to look for specific types of events, you can set up filters to view events by room, people spotted, sounds detected, and more.

To use filters on the Home app:

  1. Under "Recent events" in the Home Feed screen, tap See all history.
  2. At the top right, tap Filters.
  3. Choose the filters you want to find results for and select Show results.
  4. When you’re done using the filter view, tap Clear all to check your full history.

Delete event history

 If you don’t want to view certain events in your Home history, they can be deleted. 

Camera history

Note: If you have a camera set up with the Nest app, you can also delete your camera history in the Nest app.

You can delete all history for specific cameras in the Home app and sound detection events, but you can’t delete individual video events. When you delete your camera history, it will delete all video history in the Home app and the Nest app. It won’t delete individual clips you saved in the Nest app.

  1. Select the camera you want in the Home app.
  2. Tap Delete video history and then Delete.

Sound detection events

  1. Tap on the event.
  2. Tap Menu .
  3. Tap Delete and then Delete.


Discover cards help you learn more about what your devices can do to help you get the most out of your Google Nest devices. For example, if you have a Google Home, you might find cards that show how to use the controls, or how to pair it with another speaker in your home.

You may also get offers such as free trials, to subscription services.

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