Edit keywords

Google Ads Editor offers several ways to edit your keywords. Choose one of the methods below to update your keywords, along with their maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids, URLs, matching options, and status.

Select and edit specific keywords

  1. Select Keywords.
  2. Select one or more keywords.
  3. In the edit panel, edit the selected keyword, match type, maximum CPC bid, final URL, or status. When more than one keyword is selected, any changes to a given field apply to all selected keywords.

Edit multiple keywords

Choose any of the following options for updating multiple keywords.

  • Use the "Make multiple changes" tool to add, edit, and remove keywords, or to replace your existing keywords.
  • Use advanced search to find and edit or remove a set of keywords with particular characteristics.
  • Use the Append text tool to add text to a particular column in all selected rows.
  • Use the Replace text tool to find and replace text in your keywords.

Edit keyword URLs and CPC bids

To edit multiple keyword URLs or maximum CPC bids, use the Advanced URL changes or Advanced bid changes tools.

See detailed instructions for editing multiple keyword CPC bids and editing multiple keyword URLs.

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