Find and replace text in selected items

Use the Replace text tool to find and replace text in selected items within an account, campaign, or ad group.

  1. Select the type in the type list where you want to find and replace text. For example, to edit expanded text ads, select Expanded Text ads.
  2. In the data view, select the items where you want to search and replace text. For example, to replace any instance of "Summer" with "Winter" in ads within Campaign 1, select Campaign 1 in the tree view, then select all of the ads. You can also filter the items in the data view to narrow down your selection.
  3. Go to the Edit menu > Replace text.
  4. Enter the text you want to find, and enter the replacement text. For the example above, "Summer" is the text to find, and "Winter" is the replacement text. If you don't enter replacement text, the "Find" text is replaced with nothing.
  5. Optional: Check one or more of the options below.
    • Match case: Select this option to edit only items that match the capitalization in the "Find text" field.
    • Match whole words only: Select this option to edit only whole words. For example, if you search for "cat," the tool finds and edits only "cat" and ignores "catnip."
    • Preserve capitalization: Select this option to ensure that the capitalization of the original text (such as an ad headline) remains the same after the Replace text tool runs.
    • Make changes in duplicate items: On some tabs, you can create duplicates, rather than editing the original item.
  6. Click Replace.

Advanced tip

To automatically insert the name of an account, campaign, or ad group into the selected text, learn how to use formula words.

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