Edit keyword URLs

You have several options for editing your keyword URLs:

  • Change keyword URLs manually or with the "Make multiple changes" tool.
    This is a common method for changing one or more keyword URLs. Simply follow the steps for editing your keywords.
  • Use Advanced URL Changes.
    With advanced URL changes, you can edit any number of keyword URLs quickly.
  • Remove your keyword URLs and use the URL in the associated ad.
    Use Advanced URL Changes for this task, or follow the shortcut below:
    1. In the tree view, select the account, campaign, or ad group containing the keywords you want to edit.
    2. Select Keywords in the type list.
    3. Select specific keywords you want to edit, or select all your keywords (Edit menu > Select All).
    4. In the final URL field in the edit panel, remove the word "varies." This will remove all the individual keyword URLs.
  • Update keyword URLs in unknown ad groups and campaigns.
    This option is useful if you have a long list of keywords and URLs, and you don't know where the keywords are located in the account.
    1. Select Keywords.
    2. Click Make multiple changes.
    3. Type or paste your keywords and their new URLs.
    4. Under “Destination”, select Use selected destinations (0 selected).
    5. Select the account name to select all campaigns, then click Process.
    6. The Make multiple changes tool will display the number of changes made. Click Finish and review changes.
    7. Review your pending changes. To add the pending changes to your account, click Keep. To undo your changes, click Reject.

Good to Know

When adding final URLs to ads, make sure to post the URL upgrades before posting the rest of your changes. If you post normally without upgrading the URLs, you will lose all stats and history associated with that ad.

Here's how to upgrade URLs in Google Ads Editor:

  1. Enter final URLs in the edit panel.
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the "Post" button.
  3. Select Post URL upgrades.
  4. Select the campaigns you want to upgrade.
  5. Click Post URL upgrades.

After completing these steps, you can post other changes to your account normally, and the ads will retain their historical data. You only need to post URL upgrades once per ad.

Final URLs offer better tracking options and have replaced destination URLs. Your ads' historical data will be lost unless you upgrade. Learn more about upgraded URLs and how to upgrade URLs on your account.

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