Audience targeting

Google Ads Editor 1.8 supports the latest updates to audience targeting. Previous versions of Google Ads Editor will not support the new targeting methods. To avoid errors when downloading, viewing, and assigning your audiences, it's recommended to upgrade to Google Ads Editor 1.8.
Audience targeting allows you to be more accurate when choosing who sees your ads. In Google Ads Editor, you can download, view, and assign existing audiences. Depending on your campaign type, you can target remarketing lists, custom combination lists, life events, and interest categories.

Assign audiences

  1. In the account tree view, select the ad group to assign an audience to.
  2. Select Keywords and Targeting > Audiences from the type list.
  3. Click Add audience in the data view.
  4. Select an audience. Click OK.
  5. Optional: In the edit panel, enter the following settings for the audiences.
    • Max. CPM, Max. CPC: Leave these fields blank to use the ad group default bid.
    • Bid adjustment: Enter a bid adjustment from -90 through +900, inclusive.
    • Final URL: Leave this field blank to use the ad's final URL.
    • Status

Assign multiple audiences

Import a list either with the Make multiple changes tool on Audiences, or with a CSV file.


The following sample import adds the News interest category to two ad groups:

Campaign Ad group Audience
Campaign 1 Ad group 1 News
Campaign 1 Ad group 2 News

Tips for importing audiences in bulk

Unknown audience
Each audience in the import must match either a user list that already exists in the Google Ads account or one of these interest categories. If Google Ads Editor detects that an audience is neither an existing user list for the account nor a predefined interest category, you'll see an "Unknown audience" error for that row in the import.

Duplicate audiences
Be sure to add each audience only once to an ad group. If the same audience is listed more than once for an ad group, Google Ads Editor processes the first row and ignores the duplicate rows, showing a "Duplicate audience" warning message.

Numeric IDs
Each interest category has a numeric ID in addition to a name. You can use either the name or the ID in your import list. For example, alternate formats for the News interest category are Interest:16 and Uservertical:16.

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