About auto-generated videos for responsive display ads

When you create responsive display ads, automatically generated videos are available as an advanced format option. If you don’t already have uploaded video content, Google can auto-generate videos for you using combinations of your images, logos and text assets.

Visual representation of how auto-generated videos for responsive display ads work

To create an auto-generated video, you need to add at least one logo and either three landscape images or four square images to your responsive display ad. It’s important that images meet the image quality guidelines. The automatic creation of videos can be affected by image quality issues.

In addition, there may be issues with auto-generated videos if you haven’t uploaded enough images for Google to choose from. To avoid problems with auto-generated video issues, be sure to upload assets that meet all guidelines.

Common issues that prevent auto-generated videos from being created include:

  • Low image quality: blurred images and images containing too much text.
  • Unacceptable content: racist or obscene images.
  • Text and logo on border: In general, we recommended not including a logo in images. Images with text or logos close to the border cannot be combined into auto-generated videos.
  • Duplicate images, or multiple images that are too similar.
  • Very long words requiring text wrapping.

To help you understand potential quality issues better, see Display ads: a creative Best Practices guide for more information.

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