Setting up currency and time zone

When you create your account, you'll be asked to choose both a currency type and your time zone. You can never change the currency or time zone that you choose for your account, so select these settings carefully. They're used to determine how you're billed.

Choosing your currency

You should select the currency that you want to use to pay your advertising costs. Please note that your account’s currency is set when you create your account, and can’t be changed later.

Keep in mind

Your currency options may change depending on the country in which you registered your account. In some countries only certain currencies can be used. For example, in Russia it is only possible to pay in RUB, not in other currencies such as USD or EUR.

In addition, your choice of currency can affect your choices for paying your bills, such as which payment instruments you may use to pay off your balance. If you wish to pay with another currency, you must create a new Google Ads account and select your desired currency at the time of account creation.

Choosing your account time zone

Your reports and statistics are affected by the time zone you select. For example, reports that you segment by time will generate results according to your account time zone. With more than 200 time zones to choose from, a Google Ads account can be set for most of the world's standard time zones.

All time zones must be in full hour or half-hour increments relative to Greenwich Mean Time. If your local time zone is one of the few offset a quarter-hour from GMT, the Google Ads system can't support your time zone. Please choose a different time zone for your account.

If you wish to manage your account using a different time zone, you must create a new Google Ads account and select your desired time zone on the “Billing” page during account creation.


  • While you can choose your account time zone, all items on your billing pages only show in Pacific Time (PT).

  • Remember that time zone selection affects only the administration of your account. Your selection doesn't affect the locations where your ad may show.

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