Google Ads Editor v1.2: New campaign types and cross-account features

November 7, 2019

Today, we’re introducing Google Ads Editor v1.2. This latest release includes support for new campaign types and updates to multi-account management.

Support for new campaign types

Editor now supports App campaigns for engagement and Discovery campaigns1. This means that you can now create and edit these new campaign types at scale within Editor.

Shared negative keyword lists

Negative keyword lists help you ensure that your ads won’t show when you don’t want them to. Now, it’s even easier to share your existing negative keyword lists across accounts by applying them in the Shared Library within Editor.

Searchable errors

When you see an item marked with a specific error in Editor, it can be time consuming to look for all the places where the issue occurred. To help you find and fix these errors faster, you can now search for them across campaigns and accounts.

Condensed edit pane

When you have groups of repeated, empty fields – such as video IDs or custom parameters – it can be a hassle to scroll through them all. To save you time and make it easier to find the fields you’re looking for, empty fields will now be hidden in the edit pane. You also have the option to show these fields when needed.

Gif of collapsible panes in Google Ads Editor UI

For a complete list of new features in Google Ads Editor v1.2, visit the Google Ads Help Center. You can download the latest version by opening Google Ads Editor or visiting the Google Ads homepage.

Posted by Herlen Zoljargal, Product Manager, Google Ads



1. Editor v1.2 does not yet support the image carousel

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