Google Ads Editor version 1.2

Learn more about new features and functionalities in the October 2019 release notes for Google Ads Editor version 1.2. Download the newest version of Google Ads Editor.

New features

Hide empty repeated fields in editing pane

Some entities have large numbers of similar fields, but only a few are filled out. Editor used to show all the fields at all times, which caused a very tall editing pane and a lot of scrolling to get from field to field.

Now, Editor automatically hides empty fields or sets of related fields whenever the selection changes. Click the arrow at the bottom to expose additional fields.

Add/remove labels syntax in CSV import

In order to update labels on an item via CSV import or “Make Multiple Changes,” the complete set of labels had to be specified.

You can now add or remove labels while keeping all your existing labels:

  1. Add the “+" in front of your label names to preserve any existing labels.
  2. Add the “-” in front of your label to remove it, while preserving the other labels.

Image names

In Google Ads, images may optionally have names associated with them. Editor now shows names for images downloaded from the Google Ads account.

In Editor, when you add a new image from a file on your computer, the file name is used as the image name for that image. That name is uploaded to your Google Ads account, along with the image data.

Maximize Conversion Value for search campaigns

The Maximize conversion value bidding strategy is now supported for Search campaigns. Keep in mind, the “target ROAS” field of that strategy is not allowed and should be left blank.

Discovery campaigns

Full support for Discovery campaigns is now available. This release includes support for single image (multiple asset) Discovery ads.

The image carousel is NOT yet supported.

Universal App Engagement (UACe) campaigns

Full support for Universal App Engagement (UACe) campaigns is now available.

Search for errors

You can now filter for items marked with a specific error. You can see errors by selecting Violation in the filter bar.

Shared negative keyword lists

You can now apply your existing negative keyword lists in the Shared Library within Editor. This new feature makes it easier for you to share your negative keyword lists across accounts.


Frequency caps for Video

Two changes to frequency caps for video campaigns:

  1. Only per-campaign caps are supported. Per-ad and per-ad group caps have been deprecated and are blocked by the API.
  2. Up to 6 caps are allowed, one for each combination of {impressions, views} x {per day, per week, per month}. Previously, only two caps were supported, one for impressions and one for views.

More detailed counts in Post Changes dialog

When you click Post or Check Changes, the dialog shows up with the counts of changes you’re about to upload/check. Before, that dialog only showed the total number of items with changes.

Now, that total is broken down by the number of items to be created, updated, and deleted. This lets you see what changes you’re going to make, so you know if you’re going to remove several campaigns that you didn’t plan to.

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