Elevate your video campaigns with new extensions for YouTube ads

November 5, 2019

To help you hit your business goals, we’re improving interactivity on YouTube with new extensions that make it easy for your customers to take action. Building off of our popular extensions on Search, extensions on YouTube give viewers useful and actionable information like store location, interest forms and additional calls-to-action. This information appears directly alongside your video ad.

Later this year, call-to-action extensions, which are currently available for TrueView in-stream and non-skippable video ads, will also become available for 6-second bumper ads. Even when your primary objective is to drive reach, awareness or consideration, this launch will make it easier for viewers to take an action, like visiting your website, after seeing your ad. 

Additionally, TrueView for action ads will continue to expand its portfolio of call-to-action banners with new features that drive greater clicks and conversions for your campaigns. Sitelink extensions are currently in beta testing and will be generally available for all TrueView for action ads in the coming months. With sitelinks, you can add relevant links like product detail pages or promotional pages under your video. In a beta test we conducted with 30 United States advertisers, adding sitelinks resulted in 23% more conversions and 50% more clicks.1 We will soon be rolling out sitelinks to all in-stream formats bought through Google Ads.

Mock of sitelink extensions on YouTube ads
Mock of how Sitelink extensions will appear under a TrueView for action video ad

Once launched, you can get started with any of these new extensions from the extensions tab in Google Ads and clicking on the extension you’d like to use.

Posted by Nicky Rettke, Product Director, YouTube Ads



1. Compared to the same ad without sitelinks. Source: Google data, US, June 2019. Beta experiment with n=30 TrueView for Action advertisers 

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