Reach your ideal customer on Google Search

October 14, 2019

Our commitment to transparency

We believe everyone should be able to understand and control their ad preferences. Tools like Ad Settings allow users to easily update how their ads are personalized, or opt out of ads personalization altogether. We also recently announced new tools that provide even greater visibility into what data is used for ads personalization and by whom. 

Read our personalized advertising policy to learn more about our standards for what data may be collected as well as which interest categories we do not permit advertisers to use on our platforms.  

Reach your ideal customer on Google Search

People turn to Google Search for inspiration, to explore interests, and find the things they care about. To show up and be useful in moments when they need help, it’s important to understand what matters most to them. Over the coming weeks we're rolling out two new ways to reach your ideal customer on Google Search: affinity audiences and seasonal event segments for in-market audiences

Engage people who are passionate about your products

Consumers increasingly expect ad experiences to be useful, personal, and frictionless. That requires knowing who your audience is and understanding what they want and what they’re passionate about.  

Affinity audiences helps you raise awareness and drive consideration among people who have a strong interest in your products. For instance, let’s say you sell camping gear. To reach avid campers, you can pair an affinity audience like “Outdoor Enthusiast” with generic camping keywords. By adding this additional audience layer, you can reach people who are not only searching for camping products, but are also passionate about the great outdoors.

Volkswagen, one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, used affinity audiences to achieve a 250% increase in conversion rate when compared to its non-audience traffic. 

Reach the right people at the right time

Whether you want to grow your sales or build your brand, it’s important to not only know who your audience is, but also where they are on their path to purchase. 

In-market audiences are a great way to reach consumers who are actively researching or comparing products and services. With the holiday season right around the corner, new seasonal event segments for in-market audiences on Search and YouTube are ideal for reaching people with timely offers. For example, Toyota used the Black Friday and Christmas segments to focus on shoppers actively looking for their next car. By using these segments the brand saw a 67% increase in conversion rate and a 34% reduction in cost per conversion.

You can find these new audiences in the Ads UI in the coming weeks. 

Audiences in the Ads UI

Learn more about adding audiences to your Search campaigns in the Google Ads Help Center.

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