Connect with the right audience at every stage of the marketing journey on YouTube

Official checklist to using Google's advanced audiences with video ads.

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In a recent study we found that people pay 3x more attention to video ads that are relevant to them. Here are some tips to help you succeed using Google’s advanced audiences on YouTube at each stage of the customer journey:

1. Craft your video campaigns for success with advanced audiences

  • Find your audience with recommendations from Google Ads.

Why: When searching for your audience, you can easily find the most relevant users across audience types and marketing objectives with our audience suggestions.

  • Know which audience to choose for each of your marketing objectives.

Why: Tailoring your audience selection to your campaign goals ensures you reach the most relevant people with your ads.

  • Measure campaign success with your audience in mind.

Why: We’ve developed tools optimized for the objectives that matter most to you. Brand Lift helps measure awareness metrics; whereas, enabling conversion tracking on your website allows you to optimize for lower funnel conversions.


Remember to create your Video campaign in the same account as your Search and Display campaigns to prevent double-counting conversions.

  Awareness Consideration Action
Affinity Checkmark icon    
Custom Affinity Checkmark icon    
Detailed Demographics Checkmark icon    
In-Market   Checkmark icon  
Life Events   Checkmark icon  
Custom Intent     Checkmark icon
Remarketing and Similar Audience     Checkmark icon

2. Build awareness with affinity, custom affinity, and detailed demographics.

  • Create custom affinity audiences using 3-5 keywords that describe the general theme of your audience.

Why: There’s no need to provide an exhaustive list. Your seed keywords will be automatically broad matched to include a larger selection of highly relevant keywords.


If you input the keyword “marathon”, we will automatically expand your audience to include related keywords such as “running” and “5k”.

  • Start your custom affinity audiences with keywords before using other programming types (e.g. app usage and URLs).

Why: Keywords leverage all of Google’s insights to reach the most relevant people and allow for the most straightforward setup process.

Why: CPM bidding optimizes your campaign to put your message in front of as many relevant people as possible.


Once you have identified your desired audiences, use Reach Planner to quickly estimate your campaign’s potential impact.

3. Influence consideration using in-market and life events

Why: This helps you learn more about how your customer’s passions and interests translate into in-market and affinity audiences.

Why: Life events reach users undergoing specific changes in their life, and you can use them as an opportunity to highlight your most relevant creative.

4. Drive action on YouTube with custom intent and remarketing.

  • Create separate custom intent audiences for brand and generic keywords.

Why: Splitting up each keyword segment allows you to optimize your bidding for the audiences most relevant to your customers.

Why: You can drive action via last-click conversions while making the most of your budget using Maximize conversions.

  • Run your selection of 10-15 custom intent keywords through the Keyword Planner to get a sense of your potential reach on YouTube.

Why: People often switch between online search and video while researching products to buy, so high-performing keywords from Search should also be effective on YouTube.

Why: Using remarketing helps you reach users at varying stages of the purchase funnel.


Reach audiences who viewed your movie trailer but haven’t yet viewed your ad promoting the home video release.


We recommend bidding higher for action-oriented campaigns than you would with upper funnel audiences. This allows you to drive conversions by reaching Google’s most specific audiences.



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