About Trim video

Trim video is a video ad production tool that helps advertisers make new bumper ads from their longer video assets quickly. Trim video uses Google Machine Learning to simplify the process of bumper ad creation by identifying the most important frames in a long ad and turning them into 6-second videos. It also has simple editing features that allow advertisers to modify the final output.

This article explains what Trim video is, the benefit from using it, and how it works.


  • Save time and resources: Trim video is a simple, and easy-to-use, self-service tool that helps you create bumper ads within minutes.
  • Inspire new ad concepts: It can serve as a starting point when developing custom bumper ads with your creative team or agency partners.
  • Improve ad performance: Bumper ads can help improve ad recall and brand awareness of your campaigns. Advertisers who combined video campaigns with bumper ads drove significant lift in ad recall and brand awareness than advertisers who bought either format on its own.

How it works

Here’s an easy guide on how to access and use the Trim video.

Tip: Check if your YouTube channel is linked to your Google Ads. Learn how to link YouTube channels and Google Ads accounts
  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Access Trim video through Asset library:
    • In the navigation menu, click the tools and settings icon Google Ads | tools [Icon]. Under “Shared Library”, click Asset library.
  3. Click the plus button . Under “Video”, click Trim video and select a video.
    • The video can be from any source.
    • Any video between 7 seconds to 140 seconds is eligible to generate bumpers.
    • You can also choose to select a video in the “Asset library” first, click the 3-dot icon 3 dot icon, and then click Trim video.
  4. A preview of the selected video is shown.
  5. Click Generate videos.
  6. After your bumpers have been made, select a bumper under the “Trimmed videos” and press play to preview the video.
  7. To do light edits on your generated bumpers, select a bumper and then click the pencil icon Edit. When you edit, you can:
    • Customize which segments are featured in the final video in either of the 2 ways:
      • Enter the timestamps for the segments, or
      • Drag the segments in the video layer.
    • Select up to 2 segments in the original video, adding up to 6 seconds.
    • Click Refresh preview to play the customized bumper.
  8. To save your edits, click Update bumper.
  9. To delete a generated bumper, click the trash icon .
  10. To use the generated bumpers, click Upload trimmed videos so they can be saved and added to your “Asset library”.
  11. Select the bumpers that you want to upload to YouTube. Bumpers can be uploaded to a private channel or to a brand channel. Bumpers must be uploaded to YouTube before they can be used in a campaign.
  12. After you’ve uploaded the bumpers, you can choose the bumpers that you want to use in a campaign.
Note: Saved bumpers from the Trim video are shareable in the form of a YouTube URL and can’t be edited anymore. Saved bumpers can be uploaded to a private YouTube channel or to your brand channel.

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