Optimization score now includes Shopping campaigns

August 12, 2019

Your optimization score and recommendations help you prioritize the most impactful actions to improve performance in your account. In fact, advertisers who increased their account-level optimization score by 10 points saw a 10% increase in conversions, on average.1 We recently expanded the score to include Shopping campaigns—in addition to Search campaigns—to provide more, real-time recommendations for improving overall account performance.

Just like for Search campaigns, optimization score for Shopping campaigns ranges from 0% to 100%, with 100% meaning that your campaigns are set up to perform at their full potential. You’ll see separate scores for Search and Shopping at the campaign level, and one combined score at the account level.

Optimization score for Shopping campaigns

We also added unique recommendations just for Shopping campaigns, like switching to Smart Shopping campaigns and adding seller ratings. You can learn more about maximizing your optimization score directly from Google Ads product experts by watching our webinar or checking out our best practice guide.

Posted by Ryan Beauchamp, Product Manager, Google Ads


 1Internal Google data. Only for Search campaigns.

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